It’s a Whopper of a Sale!

It's a Whopper of a Sale!

Get this 4/C-1/S t-shirt bench printer for 15% off w/code: CAPS1213. And, you can also receive the BIG DISCOUNT on a 2/C-1/S t-shirt bench printer; Film, “Green” screen cleaning chemicals; a 4/C-1/S T-shirt Bench Printer. 800-330-5515 and to order. Save yourself some money! Sale good from 6/6-12/2013!

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ISS/Long Beach, Jan. 18-20, 2013

ISS/Long Beach, Jan. 18-20, 2013

We’ll be there in spirit….but we offer you a 12% discount on all CAPS printers and equipment through 1/22/2013. Check out every item @!

And…stop by Booth 255 to sign up for a chance to win some great products from RhinoTech. Jonathan Monaco/Catspit Productions of LEARN HOW TO SCREEN PRINT fame (pictured on the left) will be on the booth on Sat., Jan. 19 and will draw the names of the lucky winners. Good luck and have a great show!

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This beautiful, excellent 4 C/4 S Printer can be Yours. End desire, today!

This beautiful, excellent 4 C/4 S Printer can be Yours. End desire, today!

12% discount on all T-Shirt and Cap printers & all equipment (excluding parts)! Good – 1/22, 2013


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7 words to live by.


Life is too Short;  Eat Dessert First.


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Women-Owned Businesses Employ More People than Walmart and More.

Wondering how many of those businesses are screen printers? Us, too. Our bet is a big number.

Either way, congratulations women!

Here’s the article by

Looking forward to your comments.

800-330-5515      Twitter

More Industry News


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So You Want to be an Entrepreneur. Here is your Business Plan.

Don’t be afraid to “Create a Business Plan”. By following the sample outline that provides added explanation, we offer you a simplified way in which to write a logical, compelling plan that you will need if applying for funds to help with a start-up or existing business. Whether asking for financial support from family or friends; completing a grant or loan application, you will need a focused, clear business document to portray your well-thought out plan of action and repayment for Year 1 of your venture through Year 5 (potentially).

Here is the link to a the Small Business Administration, business plan template that, from a former Business Plan writers opinion, is a an outline worth using. Other resources include a whole host of books on the subject that often include a sample plan on disc. or those on-line that are uploadable.


The Executive Summary is the beginning two pages (or less) of your Plan document even though it is actually written after the entire Plan is completed. It is the all-out final, enthusiastic descriptive summary of  who you are, what you want to do, why you can accomplish this great business venture; goals/objectives. Write it as if  the Shark Tank entrepreneurial crew of the world will be your audience (watch it ABC and you’ll understand). Along with the written plan, Robert Herjavec, a Shark Tank member, recommends  finding time to talk to people who will actually buy your product. Designate abundant time to his suggestion that will only make your Plan more powerful.

Business Description and Vision: short/concise business purpose, a vision statement (that is your perception based on research/talking to people of the company’s growth potential in 1, 3 5 years); goals and objectives; brief history for existing or start-up business – discuss how/why/goals met/will be met to date; name of company officers or board members.

Definition of the Market: Use trade publications and stats to describe screen printing industry/outlook; define the critical needs of your perceived or existing market or why you believe (facts/#’s) your business will fulfill a niche in the industry; your target market and how you found them along with their general profile (non-profit agencies, senior clientele etc); your current and potential market share and how you figured that out (interviewed 100 people, etc).

Description of Products and Services (why they’re so great/how they fulfill a need): description of your products/services (how much they sell for) and why they are/will be competitive. In this segment, reference images of your work, brochures, a website; physical location of business (walk-in traffic, web site potential) that will be in plan appendix.

Organization and Management: Include an Organization Chart and description of how company is organized. Keep it short/concise so the general flow of operations is understood; convey whether it’s a proprietorship, partnership, corporation, etc.; identify necessary or special licenses and/or permits you have acquired or will need; list of key managers/staff w/brief bio (education, experience, financial background etc.).

Marketing and Sales Strategy: identify/describe who your customers are/will be; what/how you will fulfill their needs; what the demand is for your products & services (and how you figured that out; how you will distribute and promote products/services (social media, web store, outside/inside sales etc.); identify the 4 Ps of your SALES STRATEGY that are pricing, promotion, products and place.

AND THIS IS THE BIGGIE because the individuals and/or institutions who you are requesting a loan from need to know that you have a REALISTIC knowledge of the financial projection/commitment it’s going to take to build and sustain the business.

Financial Management for a New Business: estimate of start-up costs and how you figured them (CAPS International will provide you with a free estimate of screen printing equipment and supplies); a projected balance sheet (1, 3, 5 years forward); a projected income statement (1, 3, 5 years forward); a projected cash flow statement (12 months forward).

For an Existing Business (this is standard):  balance sheets (last 3 years); income statements (last 3 years); cash flow statement (12 months).

If Applying for a Loan (in addition to the above): current personal financial statement on each principal/partner/investor; federal tax return for prior year. These are standard.

Good luck out there!



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Be a One Stop Screen Screen Printing Shop

A customer wants less than  5 shirts printed. Make it easy to say YES (without a set-up charge) to this project and, in the long-term, retain a customer who will provide great word of mouth or social media PR for you because you met their request when no one else did.

Vivid SingleStep

The YES to this request is made easy when taking advantage of the newest, highly economical heat press and heat transfer paper technology that is available through CAPS International. Although there a many papers to choose from, today’s feature is the SingleStep process that transfers only the toner, not the background film. And there is no weeding required.

This transfer paper can be used for full color transfers on white and light pastel substrates. And it will soon be introduced for use with dark garments.

The SingleStep Heat Transfer Paper utilizes one sheet of paper to print a design on a mirror image. The paper can be transferred to a multitude of garments and other products that have 50/50 blends, are polyester, leather and 100% cotton. Foils can even be transferred to the surface of both dark and light fabrics. The result is a crisp, clean and rich color.

Recommended printers: GO UNO LED Laser Printer; new color laser printers such as Xerox and Ricoh laser printers; older model printers that use fuser oil.

If we can help, we’re at:                   800-330-5515

more Industry News

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The Creative Possibilities are Endless with a 4 Color 4 Station Screen Printer.

The construction of the equipment is flawless, yet it is very affordable. Durability is a featured asset as is compact design for use in small work spaces.

Check it out at:     888330-5515

via The creative possibilities are endless w/this.

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Summertime Printing Season is Hot and Upon us.

Summertime means t-shirts….lots and lots of t-shirts…and hats…. and golf towels and….. Family reunions, class reunions, military reunions, little league baseball, swim meets, crew teams…the list is endless. And that’s a good thing for all printers and embroiderers everywhere.

To help meet the demand and step-up production with little capital investment, CAPS International offers a Transfer Direct heat press printing system. The system enables all shops to cross over into digital technology with little time and money expended. Space and inventory needs are minimal.

Check out laser, ink jet and transfer papers, printers and heat transfer printing presses HERE! Green up your shop  with use of recyclable papers, water-based and biodegradable ink. No mess. Your mother earth will thank you.


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Put this in your Hands.


scrap the tub and get a washout booth.

The new, CAPS International Catalog is now available for those in need of a non, e-media way to search for screen/graphics printing equipment, supplies, products and parts. Or for those who just want one.

It’s available for the asking at: 800-330-5515 or

Facebook; twitter;

and read more Industry News here!

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