Be a One Stop Screen Screen Printing Shop

A customer wants less than  5 shirts printed. Make it easy to say YES (without a set-up charge) to this project and, in the long-term, retain a customer who will provide great word of mouth or social media PR for you because you met their request when no one else did.

Vivid SingleStep

The YES to this request is made easy when taking advantage of the newest, highly economical heat press and heat transfer paper technology that is available through CAPS International. Although there a many papers to choose from, today’s feature is the SingleStep process that transfers only the toner, not the background film. And there is no weeding required.

This transfer paper can be used for full color transfers on white and light pastel substrates. And it will soon be introduced for use with dark garments.

The SingleStep Heat Transfer Paper utilizes one sheet of paper to print a design on a mirror image. The paper can be transferred to a multitude of garments and other products that have 50/50 blends, are polyester, leather and 100% cotton. Foils can even be transferred to the surface of both dark and light fabrics. The result is a crisp, clean and rich color.

Recommended printers: GO UNO LED Laser Printer; new color laser printers such as Xerox and Ricoh laser printers; older model printers that use fuser oil.

If we can help, we’re at:                   800-330-5515

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About capsinternational

CAPS International offers affordable, easy to operate, manual textile screen printing equipment. The latest technology features the new Essentials Equipment line of manual screen printers, UPS-shippable dryers, accessories and supplies. The compact equipment design offers space saving advantages in tight work areas. And the Transfer-Direct system using a heat transfer process offers solutions for special or short run projects
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