Start-Up to Ultra Pro Screen Printing Packages for Printers Everywhere.

Just pick one. There are NINE (9) to choose from that will not break your bank; that will meet your price requirements while offering the durability required of manual screen printing equipment.

The brief synopsis of each Starter-Ultra Pro Package is that we have something for everyone such as a 1 Color/1 Station Bench T-shirt or cap (hat) printer + 1,800 W Flash Dryer + Exposure System ($779.99) to the Ultra Pro package that includes a 6 Color/4 Station T-shirt printer + 1,800 Watt Flash Dryer + Exposure Unit + 8′ Conveyor Dryer ($10,560). And there are SEVEN more packages in-between that you can choose from and/or let a sales associate help you customize to meet the needs of your business. And to help you be even more profitable.

CAPS International will also hook you up with eco-friendly products by RhinoTech that work exceptionally well with all the built-in the U.S.A equipment, screen frames and accessories. We’ve taken the guess-work out of the equation so that your comparison shopping will be relatively easy. And don’t be fooled. CAPS International equipment has always led in affordability; this remains true.

Our company has been around a long time and so have our employees who know about and understand screen printing. Yes, we want to sell you great equipment, but…we also want you to be successful. Let us help you achieve your goals.

Here’s our contact info:;



Thanks for reading and subscribing.

About capsinternational

CAPS International offers affordable, easy to operate, manual textile screen printing equipment. The latest technology features the new Essentials Equipment line of manual screen printers, UPS-shippable dryers, accessories and supplies. The compact equipment design offers space saving advantages in tight work areas. And the Transfer-Direct system using a heat transfer process offers solutions for special or short run projects
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