This is Great for Use with CAPS Screens – “Green” Emulsion Remover.


Every day, we receive calls from textile or graphics printers asking for a recommendation for a non-aggressive Emulsion Remover. Without hesitation, we highly suggest the following products that are eco-consciously made and part of the RhinoClean Green² line of chemicals.

These products are perfect for those working in home-based work environments. They are biodegradable and, with the addition of a filtration system, you are doubly assured that any solids will be collected. As a result, the environmental impact to plumbing and septic systems continues to be protected.

Showcased today are: ERG² 8550L Emulsion Remover  that is a highly efficient ready-to-use product. This Emulsion Reclaiming Solution rapidly removes emulsion and capillary films from screens. It offers excellent freeze/thaw characteristics and is ideal for use in all climates. And it never separates out active ingredients. And, as mentioned earlier, environmental, economic, plumping system and septic field protections are assured when a filtration system is used in combination to collect solids that are 5 microns and larger. This can be accomplished by using a RhinoClean M10 Filtration System that has a woven filter media to collect the particles.

ERG² 8500L Emulsion Remover is also a highly efficient, ready-to-use product;  rapidly removing emulsion and capillary films from screens. The freeze/thaw characteristics are excellent so the product can be easily used in all climates. It never separates out active ingredients and can be used straight or mixed in a 1:15 ratio with water. The same protections are assured when a filtration system is used to collect solids that are 5 microns and larger.


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CAPS International offers affordable, easy to operate, manual textile screen printing equipment. The latest technology features the new Essentials Equipment line of manual screen printers, UPS-shippable dryers, accessories and supplies. The compact equipment design offers space saving advantages in tight work areas. And the Transfer-Direct system using a heat transfer process offers solutions for special or short run projects
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