Perfect Frame Adhesive by RhinoTech – Part 1

Frames in all sizes and mesh counts.

Basically, every screen maker/screen printer needs a great frame adhesive. So…we’ve gleaned information from RhinoTech regarding screen printing frame adhesives that have proven to work  flawlessly. In Part 1 today, we’ll lay out the specifics of RhinoMite that is a two-part adhesive. We recommend this product from our own research with our screen frames (of all types) that will leave you with no doubts about its performance. And this is important for you as a screen printer/screen maker because when you purchase CAPS International frames, we want you to have an adhesive that WORKS, is highly affordable and has a much longer pot life than any other on the market today – we know, we’ve tried them.

The one and only two-part Frame Adhesive - RhinoMiteBeing profiled today is Frame Adhesive # 1: RhinoMite and its  characteristics that are:

Durability – the adhesive creates a permanent bond when bonding mesh to frame; it is abrasion resistant and stands up under wear and tear during the daily reclaiming of a screen for reuse (using chemical screen and press wash). RhinoMite can be removed with a frame adhesive remover like ARP 2600.

Flexibility  – designed so that during use under squeegee pressure, the frame adhesive  won’t release from the frame.  And this characteristic is important to ensure its long lasting durability.

The Minimal or Low Odor Factor – what can we say about this other than it is important that a screen maker  NOT be overwhelmed with an odor-producing product, so viola! RhinoMite has a very low odor.

Red or Clear Color – RhinoMite is available in either color at the prerogative of screen printer who either wants to see the adhesive as it is applied on the frame or not.

Long Pot Life – this is especially critical and, unlike other products that have a short 1 – 3 hour pot life, RhinoMite Frame Adhesive can be used up to 5 days after catalyzed when properly sealed in an air tight container.  Screen printers get the benefits of a product easy to work with over a period of time with less waste of adhesive, money and time. This is not available in other non-RhinoTech products.

Variety of Viscosities – this is important when a screen maker is using many different grades of mesh counts. Because RhinoMite Frame Adhesive is available in 15, 17 and 19% solids content,  the thinner the adhesive the easier it is to penetrate through the weave of high mesh counts (305 and higher) to enable a thorough, superior bond to frame.

To read more about RhinoMite, click HERE. And check out our frames, equipment and more @ Follow us @;;     800-330-5515

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CAPS International offers affordable, easy to operate, manual textile screen printing equipment. The latest technology features the new Essentials Equipment line of manual screen printers, UPS-shippable dryers, accessories and supplies. The compact equipment design offers space saving advantages in tight work areas. And the Transfer-Direct system using a heat transfer process offers solutions for special or short run projects
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